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Forestville News & Events, August 2018

It’s a tale of two Sean’s. One a longtime resident, all around nice guy and frequent customer at Sunshine Roasters coffee shop downtown.

The other? A drifter, also named Sean, who kicked around at the edges. Bouts of jail time taught him to be cagey. His simmering hatred of all things we value in Forestville turned into an attack on a brave young barista at Sunshine recently when he thought no one was around.

Her strength resisting the assault, and our first Sean’s quick act of knocking the assailant aside, allowed her to escape. What Pam at Forestville Pharmacy next door was most impressed by? Hearing the ruckus, the number of people who rushed towards the coffee shop to see how they could help.

If you’ve gotten jaded or depressed by the environmental and political turmoil that now exists in our world, the selfishness you see reflected in our reality TV culture and the hopelessness that can overtake those unlucky enough to be born into poverty, knowing your community will rush to your aid, even in the face of danger, must assuage any thoughts that no one cares. Forestvillians care.

Thank you, Sean #1, for stepping up and stepping in to stop that vicious attack, and to those that day who backed him up. We are proud of you.

So even though evil came to visit one afternoon, it was turned aside with determination, strength and will. There are way more good things happening in our town. For example…

Hot Rod Show, BBQ + More, 8/4
We kick off this month with a roaring good time at the Hot Rod Show on August 4 from 11-3. It’s also a Chili cook-off and a BBQ Contest fundraiser for our own Youth Park. If you missed their June BBQ, this is your chance to support our park by having a blast. You will see sooped-up motorcycles, cars, trucks and even tractors, while you get your fill tasting chicken wings, ribs and chili, from special family recipes no doubt. Bring the kids and just maybe you’ll win the 50/50 raffle.

School BBQ & Doings
In fact, it’s a good idea to get all the summer fun in you can since school starts soon. On August 13 the elementary and middle school Board hosts a back-to-school BBQ right on school grounds. Then school begins on the 16th. And parents, don’t miss the School Board meeting at 6PM on August 9 in the staff room. Things are getting interesting.

Business News
I was shocked to see my favorite clothing store disappear from downtown due to rising rents. The coolest clothes, boots, jewelry and belts in my closet right now were from Gypsy Sisters. Just walking in made me feel young again! I’d be inconsolable but for the fact that they are moving to Guerneville. One more reason to head west on River Road to visit our neighboring town.

Another reason? Stumptown Nursery. Went to pick up a donation from them for Food for Thought a couple of years ago and fell in love with the hard-working owner, her choices in plants different than the big box stores and her knowledge of all things that try to destroy my garden.

6th Annual Business Exposition, 8/28
And since I’m speaking of local businesses, if you are an entrepreneur of any sort you can showcase YOUR business at the 6th Annual Business Exposition for only $20! It’s in conjunction with the August 28 Farmers Market. You would be surprised at how many cottage industries exist within our zip code. It’s amazing when businesses normally tucked away come out and let us know they exist, who they are and what they are doing. You can thank Chamber President Wendy Flowers for organizing it again. To secure your space call her at 707-481-3565 or stop in Sheer Salon when you see the “Open” sign on. Music that night? The always upbeat, danceable Joy Ride, another Forestville gem.

Hollydale Club Last Sunday of the Month Brunch
And I love to remind the “River Community” of the ongoing Hollydale Club last Sunday of the month brunch and table tennis too. The neighbors who had the foresight 70 years ago to buy that empty lot and erect a community gathering space would be pleased it’s still going strong. And let’s not pretend it happens by magic. It’s the handful of folks who put the energy into organizing these events, then the crew who pitch in cooking and cleaning, and the rest of us who just like to show up and eat. That’s what makes it happen.

See, this is the kind of community we are. Let’s not forget that!

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