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Forestville News & Events, January 2018
We get to re-set – Again!

Have you ever noticed how humans have this ability to re-set the clock? To pick a specific date in time to refresh and renew. Like how every Monday I’m determined to eat better or exercise more in the coming week. If I kept all those Monday morning promises, I’d be a lot thinner. On the other hand, if I didn’t at least try to keep my weekend pattern of indulgence limited to the weekend, I’d probably be facing some serious mobility concerns right about now.

So it looks like it’s up to us to determine our future. Refresh and renew. With 2017 being somewhat of a disaster on a national and local level, what will make 2018 better? How can each of us become happier, healthier and empowered to change the world in ways that would help the next generation? If you are like me, you know you must at least try. Instead of letting things happen, how can you “make” things happen? And when 2018 comes to an end, you can reflect on all you did for yourself, and for the future. Think of how proud you will be about all you made happen. I like that picture.

El Mo's Principal & Vice Principal – Making a Real Difference
Speaking of making things happen, Matt Dunkle, Principal at El Molino, and his V.P. Dani Barese have done a super amazing job of making our high school happen. Did you know the US News and World Report rates “El Mo” 11th in the Nation for Academic Excellence? Meet with Matt for coffee 7:45AM the second Wednesday of each month at the school office. He’ll be there ready to share ideas on how to make the school even better. He even might be the first to admit there are financial challenges being a small school, but the benefits can be very rewarding for students and their parents.

For example, student Alexzandria Massimino was passionate about fashion. Their College and Career Coordinator Amy Miller helped her start a fashion club. As a result, Alexzandria won a scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco. The student wanted to start a club and the Coordinator helped make it happen. Pretty cool!

Guess what? On January 23 they will have a “Bite of Reality” billed as a fun way to learn budgeting! I could use that class.

Still more cool…they have free ESL classes Thursdays from 6-8PM. They saw a need and are filling it. They made it happen, and it’s free. Call Stuart at 823-3465.

Chamber’s Second Annual Crab Feed, 1/20/18
The next major “happening” is Saturday, January 20 at the Holy Ghost Hall in Sebastopol for the Chamber’s second annual Crab Feed. Doors open at 4, dinner at 5PM. Expect tons of Crab, pasta, salad, great raffle, music and dancing. $50 per ticket, $15 under 12.

Call Wendi Flowers at 481-3565 to reserve your spot and in turn help pay for things like the Farmers Market, which the Chamber makes happen. They get the insurance, the porta-pottys, the permits etc. They make good things happen, like the market, not just for businesses, but for our community too!

Little League is Coming - Start Planning
Kids who love baseball get ready for spring. Paperwork drop off for Little League is Saturday, January 6th or the 13th from 10-1 or Wednesday the 10th from 6-8PM. Go online to for details. Now those coaches are what make Little League happen. If you are interested in being a manager, contact Drew Sheets Kids actually scare me, so folks who choose to work with them are tops in my book. Don’t tell my grandkids that.

I heard a rumor that Elon Musk came through Forestville. I decided to google him and ended up listening to some very interesting interviews. Here is one guy who is making big things happen, and he’s maybe half my age. I was struck by his determination to find better ways to live in the world. That in order to create a world that works for everyone, each of us needs to take responsibility to create health, clean environments, sensible energy and a willingness to participate on every level we can, not to leave it up to someone else to solve our problems. I, for one, am willing to give up a “victim” role. It’s not that much fun, way over rated.

MLK Day - 1/15/18
School is closed for Martin Luther King Day January 15. He made Civil Rights happen.

What about you? With determination as fuel, what steps can YOU take today to make that future you want happen? You know what to do. Just take baby steps, but each day make some progress. I’ll try if you do!

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