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Forestville News & Events, December 2017

Where Do Gifts Come From?

I have a great story of a gift. Years ago the Chamber requested money from the Community Fund to pick up trash in downtown Forestville. The grant paid JD Kawai, famous about town for his bikes and friendly banter, to take on this task. He did a great job of making the town spiffy, no more piles of cigarette butts or bits of flotsam here and there. We looked like someone cared.

But after JD died (one of the first casualties of the “Swine Flu”,) the Methodist Church, and Denise Wood stepped in. They would continue the regular litter patrol in JD’s name, then use the grant money to purchase perishable food for their Food Closet. Twice a month, with a handful of caring volunteers, they provide a lifeline for 73 Forestville families. Food for our hungry and spick and span streets for the rest of us! Thank you Methodist Church. You have given a gift of dignity, and a gift of cleanliness to this community.

What’s Happening Sonoma County? No, seriously, if you want to know what’s happening, plug in Forestville’s very own Deborah Wiig developed this site after following her son, Evan, to Sonoma County from Denver Colorado. Deborah missed the websites in Denver which hooked folks up to fun, often free things to do. So, being the entrepreneur she is, she developed one, and it’s packed with tons of great listings. Check it out and start feeling more connected to where we live. Thanks Deborah for hanging in there and creating a vibrant, “happening” site. You have given a gift of connection to this community.

Do you like surprises? High end premium wine? Then guess which wine you’ll get when you purchase a Holiday Wine Box from Food for Thought. With dozens of local wineries gifting Food for Thought with their best offerings, you can now take advantage. They paired a premium white and red for $45 a box. Get ten for $400 and your shopping is done (well, except for the grandkids.) Thanks Food for Thought. Your gorgeous garden, your heartfelt caring, your amazing staff, your dedicated Board, your fabulous volunteers (full disclosure, I’m one) give a gift of food+love to our community.

Have you noticed the new signs up at the downtown park? Do you wonder what is going on as far as development is concerned? If you are familiar with the permitting process you know it takes a long time to get approvals. Either from caution or fear, permitting things take time. Look forward to movement in the spring. That downtown park was a gift, not just from Open Space to protect the grove of trees, but from all those who contributed money and sweat to make it happen in the first place. It’s a gift of space to us all.

I think the next generation is a gift. My husband “Mr. Bob”, a former El Molino substitute teacher, tells me all the time what amazing students go there. He is confident they will do a better job of caring for things, like the planet, the financial and political systems, creating art — you name it. So a shout out to the younger generations. I try to be as nice as I can to them, after all, they will be the ones giving me my meds, changing my diapers if I’m unfortunate to live too long. They are a gift of the future.

And speaking of our youth, here is a listing of their Holiday Offerings.

Arsenic and Old Lace - 12/2, 8, 9 & 11
Arsenic and Old Lace being performed at 6:30PM on December 2, 8 and 9, with Matinees at 1PM on the 3rd and 11. Forestville School and Academy takes the performing arts seriously and it shows. Nicolle Huberty has given a gift of confidence to thousands of our youth through time.

El Mo Winter Dance Performance & Winter Concert
El Molino hosts their Winter Dance Performance December 1 and 2 at 7PM and their Winter Concert on December 9, again at 7PM.

Forestville Elementary Winter Concert - 12/21
Forestville Elementary has their Winter Concert later, on December 21 at 9AM. The gift of music and the gift of listening all in one.

Winter break is December 22 through January 5th for the Elementary, and December 25 through the 5th for the Charter and High School. School breaks were one of my favorite childhood memories, so it’s the gift of fond memories, and the opportunity to create new ones, that school breaks bring. As a long time hospice worker, I’ve seen time and time again how memories create the gift of a life well lived.

So where do gifts come from? Just look around.

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