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Forestville News & Events, September 2017

The call came at 3 am. A neighbor thought we might want to know. The house directly above us was on fire. We stumbled out the back to witness a roaring blaze 30’ up the hill. My mind froze. What to rescue…photos, laptop, grandma’s quilt? Embers rained down. My attempt to wet our roof with a garden hose felt pathetic.

But our Forestville Firemen were on the scene. I could hear their shouts above the crackle of the fire as they battled that blaze. It seemed a miracle they kept it from spreading. Through the smoke it became clear what a treasure our local firemen are. And as such, they not only deserve our respect, but they actually deserve our cooperation too.

Like hello! Look around. What kind of defensible space do you have if you woke up to a phone call like that? Not sure? Fire Safe Sonoma has a great guideline called Creating Fire Safe Neighborhoods – A Team Effort! In fact, I’m taking one to guess who? The neighbor just above me who purchased the burned out lot, re-built and now has a huge pile of dead tree limbs just off his back deck.

The good news for him, and perhaps for you or someone you know, is that Fire Safe will bring a chipper to your home and make mulch for you. And who doesn’t love mulch?

  • See list of things that CAN and CAN NOT go in the pile:
    Chipper Program Guidelines
  • Scroll to bottom of the above page to download the application. (Click on the words "click here".)



August’s Meeting on Crime Prevention & Security Awareness
Speaking of safety, we learned a lot from Sheriff’ Deputies Charity Koch and Ruben Martinez last month (at the meeting on Crime Prevention & Security Awareness). Their message to you? Call them! 707-565-2121.

With such a large territory to cover, they rely on you to communicate with them when you see something wrong or out of place. They genuinely appreciate your calls. Our rural and semi-rural setting suits us well, but it’s good to know neighbors are willing to look out for one another.

You can even report my pet peeve, illegal dumping, by calling 211. Thank you very much, but my whole neighborhood doesn’t deserve to have our property values plummet because you are either too lazy, cheap or misguided to take your old (usually) furniture to the dump! Call 211.


Recycling Center Across from Speer’s
Speaking of trash, you’ve probably noticed the Recycling Center that’s now up across from Speers. It’s State of California Certified, open 10AM-5PM most days, 10AM-6PM on Thursdays and closed Sunday and Monday. It’s called Wrenco Recycle. Prices looked good.


New School Year, New Faces, New Middle School
Yippee, the kids are back in school. There’s something exciting about a new school year. So much unknown with new faces, new expectations, new clothes maybe even? West County Middle School is new. Sure it’s in a familiar location, yet it’s a new Charter under the High School District accepting students from all over. Principal Kirsten Sanft is delighted to welcome all this newness with a bright smile. She will no doubt create a wonderful environment for our kids. Let’s face it, they are the future and may end up taking care of us! Let’s give them the hope they deserve, and tools to succeed.


Back to School Night, 9/7
By the way, Back to School Night is September 7, at 6PM. The whole family is welcome.

Picture Day, 9/13
Kids get ready for Picture Day September 13 (torture day for me back when.)

West County Charter
A shout out to everyone who helped at the school BBQ last month, where students picked electives and met their core teachers. Check out for lots of school information.


Hollydale Club Breakfast 9/24 & Table Tennis
Hollydale Club’s Last Sunday of the Month community breakfast is slated for September 24 from 9AM until noon. If you like ham or mushroom omelets, Holldyale hash browns and fresh fruit, then this gig’s for you for a measly $10 donation. How do they do it? Each month they mix up the menu, keeping us guessing what’s next for those creative chefs.

Plan to stay after for the Table Tennis 1-4PM. In fact, the Clubhouse is open every 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings from 7-10PM for Table Tennis. I expect to see some champions coming out of that club one of these days.


Third Annual Fall Craft Fair at Farmers Market - 9/19 & 9/26
It’s the Third Annual Fall Craft Fair at the Farmers Market! Two Tuesdays, September 19th with Ms. G’s Village Variety Show, including lots of kid talent and an Autumnal Extravaganza and the last day of the Market, the 26th when Joy Ride is featured. You’ll see wonderful artists and crafters along with the fresh fruits and veggies, food vendors and beer and wine!

That Mary Rand is amazing! As the Market Manager she and her husband organize, orchestrate and oversee the vendors, along with getting the space ready. Even the permits! Her radiating energy infects me with a renewed sense of what one person can do to make our community a better place. Thanks Mary! We’ll miss our little Market, and you, once October rolls around.

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