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The Gazette's New Forestville Columnist Lucy Hardcastle's First Article

To all Forestvillians (and those who wish they were). What an honor to take over writing this column from Richard Naegle. It was Richard who got me involved in local projects in the first place.

His enthusiasm for all things Forestville was catching. Volunteer he said, you’ll like it. He was right. I’ve met some of the best people on the planet thanks to his encouragement. Because of that I feel a part of this community, and that feels good.

According to those whose grandparents pioneered this town, and you know who you are, I’m a latecomer. In October of ’89, in my 40s and newly divorced, I was looking for a new start.

Ideally someplace if I was too broke to travel, I wouldn’t mind. I was lucky to have landed here. Was luckier yet in 2000 to have married the sweetest guy, a teacher better known as “Mr. Bob” to his students. Getting to chaperone dances, attend soccer games and witness what amazing kids this next generation has produced has been a joy. Bob still substitutes, mostly at El Molino. He loves it because he loves those teens and they can tell.

For 25 years I worked as a fundraiser for Sutter Hospice. Those fundraising skills were put to the test when writing a grant to Open Space awhile back to acquire the land for our downtown park. The community needed to match the money Open Space would donate, and Forestville came through, making us the only town with two privately managed parks. So treat them well, they belong to you! Pitch in, be a good neighbor, pick up trash, attend the fundraising events and farmers’ market. Their success is our success.


Food For Thought
And speaking of a good neighbor, our jewel of a nonprofit right here in town is Food For Thought (FFT). Did you know they have expanded their mission to provide Food + Love to those with serious illnesses, along with helping those with HIV throughout Sonoma County? Now that’s a neighborly thing to do!

We are proud of them. Since they now help more people than ever, lets help them back. This is where you can come in. Refrigerated items delivered to those too sick to drive need to be transported in specialized insulated bags.

Right now Food For Thought needs 9 new bags for their new clients. Even though they are expensive, they will last for years. If 9 of us pitch in and “Adopt a Bag” (or even half a bag) that will save FFT money that can be used to purchase food. Doesn’t that sound important? Each bag is $288. Look into your pocketbook and see if this is something you can do. It would mean a lot! Contact Kaaren Van Dyke at 887-1647. She would love to hear from you. Let’s do this.


Haberdash — Food, Wine & Music Event, 8/26
While you are on the phone, make reservations for their brand new event on Saturday, August 26, 5:30 to 9:30. It’s called Haberdash! Think fun, eclectic, retro, punk. I’ve seen the decorations and it’s going to be spectacular. They know how to create award winning events! This dance party will replace their fall Calabash, so expect music, amazing food, and lots of wine. Don’t miss it. Call now for tickets 887-1647, or go online at


Other goings on in Forestville?
The Farmers’ Market in our sweet little downtown park Tuesday evenings from 4-7 pm. A great way to pick up something yummy for dinner so you didn’t have to cook, or, if you love to cook, a place to pick up what you’ll be serving that night.

The Chamber’s selling beer and wine this year so plan on hanging out for awhile. That way you can check out the crafts, clothes, handmade cards and chat up the neighbors.


Business Expo, 8/15
One of my very favorite times to visit the Farmers’ Market is during their Business Expo. That is happening at the Farmers’ Market on August 15th. Forestville is chock full of entrepreneurs. Come see what amazing services and products are right here in our town. It’s fun and free. I’ll be there.


Crime Prevention and Security Awareness, 8/9
And although we think we live in the best spot on the planet, we do have our challenges. There has been an uptick in crime. I wonder if it’s the same person breaking into the Methodist Church and other places.

To address these concerns Jennifer Abrao, the Community Services Officer for the Sheriff’s Crime Protection Unit will come talk about how together we can ensure this remains a safe place to live. Hear what she has to say on Wednesday, August 9 from 6:30-8PM at the United Methodist Church.


Dine with the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, 8/12 & 9/16
If you are like me and love the history of Pond Farm Pottery, you have a chance Saturday, August 12 to wine and dine on site with the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods at their 5th Annual Sunset Dinner, 5:00-8:00PM.

Then on Saturday, September 16, 4:30-9PM the Stewards of the Coast host their famous Old Grove Concert at Armstrong Redwoods Park.

Get tickets early!


More to Come
Play, splash in the river, have fun, enjoy our two parks (look for the Youth Park Golf Tournament coming up in early September) and appreciate we live in Forestville!

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