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Forestville News & Events, November 2018

Year-round I’m filled with gratitude for living in such a beautiful place. I feel lucky, don’t you? Plus, after 33 years working for hospice I realize just being alive and well is a big deal. Getting to live in Forestville is icing on the cake. I’m sad though that our national holiday for gratitude seems more about eating a lot and getting good deals on stuff we, or our friends and relatives, may or may not need.

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Widening of Mirabel Road

We were promised by the County that work would begin on the widening of Mirabel Road this year. Now we hear that the whole project has been postponed.

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Vote - Yes on Measures J & K Your Vote Does Make a Difference!
Support our Regional Parks = Yes on Measure J
Community Separators = Yes on Measure K

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Vote June 7! In particular, our Board of Supervisors’ races are crucial to the future of Sonoma County. Much is at stake — the general plan, development, environment, the economy… Your vote counts!

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I Trust You, Do You Trust Me?
The week after the terrorist attacks in Paris, when the whole world was in shock and mourning, a “sinister” looking Muslim man stood in the Place de la Republique.

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Taxpayers Against Unfair Taxes Campaign

Taxpayers Against Unfair Taxes (TAUT) is promoting a petition to allow local voters to choose whether or not to detach from the Palm Drive Health Care District due to the changed landscape for the provision of health care services...

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Save Our Post Office

You may have noticed, our post office has been swamped, understaffed, and underfunctioning for a few months. A concerned patron posted this sign: “Help our wonderful postal staff out--Write or call…”

Categories: Downtown, Local Organizations, Politics, 2015 Posts

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Keeping the U.S. Senate Blue

West County neighbors have organized to support a national democratic effort to keep the Senate Blue.

Categories: Politics, 2014 Posts

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Civility, Please!

Recently, Gazette Editor, Vesta Copestakes, wrote about her experience of intimidation and negativity because of a position she expressed. She called again for civility and mutual respect in our community dialogues, especially when there are differences.

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River or Vineyards - What's Forestville's Main Identity?

The Chamber of Commerce is considering its logo for Forestville: either “where the River meets the Redwoods” or “where the Vineyards meet the Redwoods”.

Categories: Growth, Local Organizations, Politics, Tourism, 2014 Posts

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