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Forestville News & Events, September 2018 I got a wonderful surprise the other day. Something I get to check off my “Wouldn’t It Be Cool” list. You know, that list that isn’t quite Bucket-List caliber such as seeing the Northern Lights (not yet) or jumping out of an airplane (done). No, this cool surprise was local and tied to Forestville History. I got to actually see one of those rare “Forestville Chairs” made by the Faudre Chair Factory, which put Forestville on the map in the late 1800s.

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Forestville News & Events, September 2017

The call came at 3 am. A neighbor thought we might want to know. The house directly above us was on fire. We stumbled out the back to witness a roaring blaze 30’ up the hill. My mind froze. What to rescue…photos, laptop, grandma’s quilt? Embers rained down. My attempt to wet our roof with a garden hose felt pathetic.

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Fire Prevention Week - October 9-15 Fire Prevention Week is October 9-15. The theme tells it all: “Don’t Wait — Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years.”

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Your Home's Defensible Space Our Fire Protection District and CalFire recommend a defensible space around your home of 100 feet to protect your home and provide a safe area for fire fighters.

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Fire Station Pancake Breakfast, 5/1

A benefit for the Forestville Fire Protection District, Sunday, May 1, 8AM-Noon.

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Why 100 Feet?

Following these simple steps can dramatically increase the chance of your home surviving a wildfire!

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Fire Prevention - Free Chipping To aid fire prevention, the County is offering free residential chipper servic.

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2015 Forestville Community Fund Awardees

$12,551 has been approved by the Forestville Planning Association (FPA) for 8 new grants.

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Forestville Fire Raffle Deadline, 9/7

The Forestville Firefighters Association is holding its annual raffle now through 5PM on September 7.

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Shout Out to Firefighter/Engineer Mike Franceschi The Forestville Firefighters District would like to thank Firefighter/Engineer Mike Franceschi for his efforts in securing the 2015 Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grant...

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