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Forestville News & Events, July 2018, Summer's Here

Special July 4th Farmers Market
I’ve got a great idea for you. Kick off summertime in Forestville by coming to the 4th of July Farmers Market (Wednesday). Think pig roast, beer and wine, yummy food and bands! Joy Ride plays from 12-3, then Dog Gone Honey’s from 3-7PM. Bring enough money to buy the usual fresh produce, gourmet olive oils, breads, crafts and treats.

Forestville News & Events: June 2018

Flapjacks! Why not? It’s a perfect start to Forestville’s party- down weekend, the famous Youth Park BBQ June 2 and 3. You can get those pancakes at the Methodist Church starting at 8AM on Saturday. Right outside their front door you’ll see folks preparing for our own sweet little hometown PARADE, which starts at 10.

Forestville News & Events, May 2018

Get on your track shoes, there is a lot going on in May and early June in our little town. All of it sounds pretty cool. There are some things you don’t want to miss

Forestville News & Events, April 2018

I don’t know about you, but I rarely gave Trenton Road much thought. I love the section that parallels River Road. I sometimes take it coming home from Santa Rosa when I want to get a sense of being on a sweet country road in the middle of the rich, luscious countryside we live in. And of course, when River Road is backed up it’s fun to know the local way around a traffic jam.

Forestville News & Events, March 2018

Have you done one of those DNA tests yet? Any surprises? I was sort of hoping I’d have something interesting show up in mine. But science tells me I’m still mostly Irish. The traditions from my childhood have formed me. The songs my mother sang doing the dishes. The lullabies to put us to sleep. The food. The folk dances. The proud green ribbon in my hair on St. Patrick’s Day. Generation after generation, firmly rooted traditions from County Cork Ireland were a huge part of my life. I always felt I had the “Luck of the Irish.” Maybe it’s just the gift of gab!

El Molino High School Emergency Plea

El Molino High School Emergency Plea
Please join our 600 Lions campaign
Contribute at least $100 today

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Forestville News & Events, February 2018

As we celebrate, or possibly lament, Valentine’s month, I like to think about the concept of love a bit broader than who my date might be that night. So, it occurred to me to write why I love Forestville. What about you?

Perhaps you fell in love with our town simply by driving through. You thought, “Oh look, it’s tiny, it’s cute, different.” A sweet setting with two parks for the public. Your kids could get a small-town flavor growing up in this beautiful spot.

Forestville News & Events, January 2018

Have you ever noticed how humans have this ability to re-set the clock? To pick a specific date in time to refresh and renew. Like how every Monday I’m determined to eat better or exercise more in the coming week. If I kept all those Monday morning promises, I’d be a lot thinner. On the other hand, if I didn’t at least try to keep my weekend pattern of indulgence limited to the weekend, I’d probably be facing some serious mobility concerns right about now.

Forestville News & Events, December 2017

Where Do Gifts Come From?

I have a great story of a gift.  Years ago the Chamber requested money from the Community Fund to pick up trash in downtown Forestville.  The grant paid JD Kawai, famous about town for his bikes and friendly banter, to take on this task. He did a great job of making the town spiffy, no more piles of cigarette butts or bits of flotsam here and there.  We looked like someone cared.

Forestville News & Events, November 2017

When I think of Thanksgiving this year, I know I’m not waiting until the end of the month to count my blessings. You may be feeling that same way, especially since Forestville escaped the monster firestorm that devoured neighborhoods to our east.


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