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Downtown Square & Park

• Keep the Deal — Save the Park
Sept. 22, 2013 - The coming days are critical for the Forestville Downtown Open Space Park (DOSP).
We thought we had the deal, but now we are in danger of losing the open space park.
Supervisor Efren Carrillo has all the power to make this park happen.
Time is running out with the bank. 
** Call or email Supervisor Efren Carrillo: **

Continue reading for the facts.

• Update on Downtown Open Space Park & Map

August 16, 2013
by Pete Summers
President Forestville Chamber of Commerce

Since a meeting with Supervisor Carrillo and Open Space District Director Bill Keene, in mid-June, representatives from the Forestville Planning Association (FPA), Forestville Locals Alliance (FLA) and the Chamber of Commerce have been meeting to identify options for the 8 acres in town that would be widely accepted by our community.

• Report on Downtown Open Space Park & History

August 8, 2013
Forestville's Downtown Open Space Park project, since it started in Oct. 2011, has been welcomed by the community at large. The project involves a primarily undeveloped 8 acre area in downtown, comprised of 2 parcels.

Summit State Bank has generously agreed to extend escrow (orginally July 31) because some members of the community voiced concerns about the project plans at the May 2013 Town Meeting. The FPA has been having meetings with these folks to find a resolution to the situation.

The following report will give the reader the background of the project, some of the very complicated twists and turns, a timeline and development of the meetings, a partial list of the monies raised. a list of FPA's efforts to inform the public and what YOU can do.

• 7/2/13 Update on the Downtown Open Space Park

THANK YOU to all those who contributed to the Downtown Open Space Park efforts. Due to the many contributions from individuals and businesses, we were able to “match” the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District’s $750,000 grant by the June 1 deadline.

Supervisor Efren Carrillo has temporarily postponed bringing final approval of the grant to the Board of Supervisors until community members can reach consensus and create a plan for the property.

Make your voice heard.

• Supervisor Efren Carrillo to Host Dialogue on Forestville Roundabout

When: Saturday June 15, 3-5PM
Where: El Molino High School's Gymnasium

This is an opportunity for community members to comment on the project directly to Supervisor Carrillo. County staff will be available to answer questions. Caltrans staff has been invited to attend.

• Public Meeting: Proposed Roundabout for Intersection of Mirabel & 116

Date: Wed., Feb. 6, 2013
Time: 6-8PM
Where: Forestville Elementary School Auditorium, 6321 Hwy 116 Forestville

CalTrans is now designing the roundabout. As part of the process, the roundabout’s impact on the environment has been reviewed.

They will have plans and renderings on display boards and want your comments on the new Roundabout design.

• ALERT: Forestville Needs You to Attend the County Board of Supervisors’ Meeting

FYI: Past
County Board of Supervisors’ Meeting for their considration on the So. Co. Open Space District's recommendation to approve a $750,000 matching grantto be used towards the purchase of 8 acres in downtown Forestville for public land — as a Town Square and open/recreational space.

• Richard Naegle: 2012 Volunteer of the Year

FPA's own Richard Naegle has received the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award from the Forestville Chamber of Commerce. Richard was FPA's president for 5 years and continues to give many of his hours to helping Forestville become a more vibrant community for the betterment of all.

• Quarry Update September 2010

Forestville Citizens for Sensible Growth and Canyon Rock Quarry have signed a settlement of the FCSG lawsuit regarding quarry expansion.

• Thiessen Forestville Project Set For Final Approval, May 2010

A report and analysis on updated details obtained by the FPA at the April 15 Sonoma County Planning Commission hearing regarding the Thiessen Downtown Development Project.

• Appeals Court Ruling on Canyon Rock Quarry, July 2009

Report on Forestville Citizens for Sensible Growth’s Press Release.

• Update on the Proposed Roundabout at Mirabel/116, March 2009

Report on meeting on 2/26 at the Forestville Elementary School called by the County Transportation Department to review the idea and design of the roundabout proposed for the intersection of Mirabel and 116.

• Update on Hwy116/Mirabel Intersection, February 2009

Report from Tom O’Kane, dated 12/09/08, Deputy Director of Sonoma County Transporation and Public Works.

• Questions & Answers: Thiessen Development, June 2007

The Boards of the FPA and the Forestville Chamber of Commerce, along with representatives of downtown businesses, met with Orrin Thiessen on June 6 to dialogue about his proposed development.

• Letter to Sonoma County Area Agency on Aging, May 2007

FPA advocating for Forestville’s senior lunch program.

• Letter to Sonoma County Water Agency, May 2007

FPA against Lo-Flow without other mandatory conservation measures.

• Review of Voice Your Opinion Meetings, May 2007

The Chamber of Commerce and the FPA are reviewing the results of the two recent “Voice Your Opinion” meetings about the future of our Town.

• Celebrating 2006, What’s FPA Done for Me? Jan. 2007

The FPA, with its goals of education and advocacy, has had many accomplishments in 2006 on behalf of the Forestville community.

• Scenic Highway Committee for Hwy. 116, Jan. 2007

A letter written to Assemblywoman Patty Berg concerning possible changes in 116’s Scenic Highway status.

• Quarry Agreement, September 2006

Summary and full text of the agreement between Forestville Citizens for Sensible Growth, Forestville Planning Association, and Bodean Company (owner of Blue Rock Quarry).

• Quarry: It’s All About Trucks, Sept. 2006

The Power of the People was evident at the Forestville Planning Association town meeting on Sunday, September 10th. And it’s not just Forestvillians pressing gravel quarries — it’s gravel quarries bending to the needs of the town...

• Forestville’s Last Chance: Quarry Meeting Article, Aug. 2006

Blue Rock Quarry’s proposal to triple its production is now on the fast track for approval by the County Board of Supervisors. This will mean a dramatic increase in truck traffic in Forestville — through Town and along Mirabel Road as well as River Road.

• Quarry Expansion Draft Environmental Impact Report, 9/05

Regarding Canyon Rock, the Sonoma County Planning Commission will consider the Final EIR and conduct a public hearing on the merits of the project.

• Town Square, Green Valley Creek Project, April 2005

Town Square: Plans for the proposed Town Square continue to be developed by the Downtown Planning Committee of the Forestville Planning Association.

Green Valley Creek Project: Cam Perry has asked the Forestville Planning Association to be the non-profit sponsor of the second stage of the Green Valley Creek restoration project.

• Reality Check: Canyon Rock Quarry EIR, June 2004

by Vesta Copestakes
It’s getting hot in Forestville around the Canyon Rock and Blue Rock/BoDean quarry expansion plans, so before it erupts into a full-blown fire, I thought I’d sprinkle a little water on the subject with what I consider a reality check...

• Issues Currently Facing Forestville, Feb. 2004

Projects as of January 2004, Chart by Jody Grovier

• Quarry Expansion Report, Feb. 2004

by Vesta Copestakes
The Town Meeting room was packed! Clearly this is an issue that people are charged about. After an initial welcome by Joan Riback, founder of the Forestville Planning Association, representatives from the Pocket Canyon Protection Group brought us up to date on the Timber Harvest Plan...

• Forestville: A Pot Ready to Boil

by Joan Riback
Watching Forestville is like watching a pot, expecting it to boil. In the past year we have been presented with a proposed bypass, quarry expansions, a large storage shed, an affordable housing development, Solak Park, the development of the Crinella property...

• Affordable Housing Comes Home, Feb. 2004

by Vesta Copestakes, Editor, West County Gazette
For all those people who hate meetings and don’t want to get involved on that level — you missed a good one. Four and one-half hours of meeting to be exact...

• SCWA Seeks To Cut Russian River Flow Starting 2005, June 2004

by Steve Fogle, Chairperson, Save the Russian River – No Low-Flow Committee
The Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) has asked the California Division of Water Rights for permission to reduce flow in the Russian River starting in May 2005...

• Development Projects and Updates, Feb. 2004

Alert by Vesta Copestakes, Editor, West County Gazette
“Woodstone” Development, Green Valley Creek, General Plan Update, 2004 State Of The County

• Save Russian River Flow, Feb. 2004

Link to Entrix Report. This report is concerning the proposed reduced flow on the Russian River. This link will take you to a page on the Sonoma County Water Agency SCWA site.

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