Design Proposal for Town Square and Park

Seen below is the current design which the Town Square Planning Group is considering. It is based on the input from two town meetings and from a written survey (published in the Gazette and posted here online). It has the least linear character of the four designs offered at the Town Meeting in April:

  • An open meeting area is largely circular, about 80 feet in diameter, with a possible central “focus feature,” such as a water feature, intertwined with seating areas.
  • Benches and bench clusters are suggested for the perimeter of the circular meeting area.
  • A gazebo-stage opens to the meeting area and also east to a natural amphitheater.
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Click on image to see larger.

See the Proposed Plan in Person
The proposed plan is now posted on a new notice board in the front of the Town Square area, downtown Forestville.

Community Grant Application Period Has Ended
Approved projects will be announced end of July/beginning of August. To read more about the grants go to: Forestville Community Fund

What is The Town Square Planning Group (TSPG)?
The design of the town square and park area is being spearheaded by the Town Square Planning Group (TSPG), a design committee consisting of representatives from our community and from the private investors. This group includes 3 volunteer architects. Read more about the TSPG...

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Regular Board Meetings

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